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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 26, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PST

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factor. i am bill o'reilly riley. the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out. aim he jamie colby. and merry christmas to all. o'reilly factor marathon is on tonight. >> tonight, it's christmas, time for the gift of giving. >> and who knows what christmas is all about. >> laura ingraham, charles krauthammer and the culture warriors. >> and it will be gone forever if it weren't for bill o'reilly. >> no one forgets-- >> without brian williams, no. >> what did you just say? >> and highlights of the factor from the past 15 years. >> and if i told you, if it was across the border might have to make a citizen arrest. >> no. >> it's wrapped up into one package for you. >> i just finished reading "killing lincoln" and you gave me a copy at the office the other day. >> you wouldn't buy it. >> and the factors's best
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right now. >> caution, you're about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins, right. ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly and thank you for watching us this christmas night. hope you're having a great time and this is a special edition of the factor, we begin with a look at giving. and this season of charity. and why that is so much more preferable to the redistribution of wealth. and laura i think graham recently weighed in on the subject. what do you personally, you personally owe poor americans? >> well, my christian views impel me and compel me to contribute and that means the things that i do, i don't think it's appropriate for me to talk about it, but you know, some of the stuff on my website, wounded warrior, fisher house and so much for those, little sisters of the poor and those groups help people as a way that an individual i can't do.
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so, i give money to those groups to help them. and that's very different of course, than the government telling us that we must give a portion of our income for programs that as you pointed out. factually don't work and in fact they're bankrupt and two different duties, a personal one and then of course, an instance where the government says, well, we think we've done pretty well and think we have enough money and it's time to give that up. >> okay, mr. obama's argument, it is a powerful argument to a lot of people. no doubt. because if you look at the polls, most americans buy a very good majority want the rich to pay more in taxes so his argument is resonating. now, he basically says, look, you in america have made it, that would be you, me, and that would be him, and because we have set up this structure to allow you to prosper, and-- >> yeah. >> and up anything, yeah. >> we have the right, this is what president obama-- >> i know. >> he has the right.
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>> it's offensive. >> to come in and demand a certain amount back from you. where is that wrong philosophically. >> here is the duty, okay? in addition to the christian duty, here is the other duty. to advocate for policies that help america avert falling into a permanent state of decline, because america in decline is going to be really bad, especially for poor people. and america is getting stronger, and america becoming more prosperous is an america that gives people across the board a shot, a shot at wealth at leading a better life for their children and that's another duty i have. and try to do on the radio and i come talk to you and on fox and those are two different ways to achieve that. what we know now, bill, america, pretty much every well informed economist believes that america right now, things don't change is in a state of decline. >> so president obama's duty is? >> is, well for the country in
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real trouble and i was thinking about you guys and how you put on your show every day and i was thinking well, all the time that goes into putting the show on, a lot of people and time and hard work. >> and i think your staff puts in more time putting up the owe he riley factor with you every day than this president focuses how to make sure we're out of debt and cut spending and how to get this country going again and he's out in facebook and having a good time there and raising money and doing a lot of speeches which basically call people like paul ryan uncourageous and kind of weak. i don't see the sense of urgency within this administration to fix what is a country going down the tubes if we don't stop it. i don't see that sense of urgency. if this is a company and i'm thinking of bp. remember when tony hayward was on the sail boat during the crisis last year, and he ended up getting canned because he didn't have a sense of seriousness, at least he didn't look like it.
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i think for the country, barack obama is not exuding that sense of leadership and tough and serious focused approach to the programs at hand. >> well, i can't, i can't argue with that, i can't argue with that because, number one, mr. obama has slipped out of the role as leader of the country and as a candidates. >> campaigning. >> i think you can do both, run the country and campaign at the same time. i think you can, there's certainly no urgency from the president, none, about ut cutting the massive debt. there simply isn't. every challenge that comes down the road to cutting is opposed by his party. he doesn't challenge every one, his party does. his party didn't want to cut anything, anything, zero and they want today increase spending next year and the democr democrat party wanted to do. >> and the deficit commission or paul ryan are dismissed altogether and doesn't pay attention to anything they say or called cruel hearted,
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uncourageous and basically throwing grandma to the side of the road. i don't think it's serious. he might be the nicest guy ever, but not serious. >> even though the economy is shaky, president obama is competing well against his republican opposition in the polls. why do you think that's happened? >> well, bill, first of all, let's look back on the type of candidates the republican party nominated in the last several elections, bush, bush 41 and then dole and bush 43 and mccain. no matter what you think how they governed the country none of them are good at explaining economics to the country. right. a so the republicans say we need someone like reagan, somebody who can talk beyond criticism of obama which is necessary, you've got to go beyond that to talk about why cutting spending and getting rid of red tape and reforming our energy policy is going to make america more prosperous and grow jobs and you have to bring the american people along and reeducate them in
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the first place, about why this conservative freeway market approach to economics works. >> and you know, in 1970, milton freedman's ideas were just as good, but not popular as they became in 1980 and became popular because of randall ronald reagan. >> we're living in the internet age the concentration span of americans is short. the explaining macro economics, it's boring, boring. >> not when the country's future is on the line. >> to me and you and people watching tonight, that's true, but to the masses of people, come on, laurie, you know what i'm talking as well. and imagine people who don't read the newspaper, don't watch the factor, consumed with entertainment 24/7. wait, a bigger picture here. not only do they not understand supply side economics like milton freeman, but it's easy to frighten them.
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and everything else. >> and bill, you remember, you remember, maybe you're too young. in 1980. i was in high school and i remember the demagoguing on what ronald reagan said he we would do to washington and they did not have talk radio, and did not have fox news and other websites trying to get the word out about cutting spending through shrinking government and incentivizing business and engine the growth and you don't have to read it in macro economics textbook to do this, it's about saving america and we are losing this country and in four years, china could be a larger economy than ours and moody's is about to downgrade our debt. this is disastrous to our way of life. >> we've been saying it on the program and you've he been saying it more than a year and your polls still show that president obama is running neck and neck with romney and all of the other, you know, it goes down in descending order, he beats palin and he beats gingrich by more than he beats
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romney, but he's exit tiff in every race so i'm telling you-- >> republicans have to get their acts together. you're right they have to get their acts together and make the case. >> ryan is an articulate guy. >> he's not running. >> and coming up i'll tell you about
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>> you may not the factor has been a passionate defender. we've talked about diminishing, hazing the celebration in general we believe we've won most of the fights, but they have been intact. the question, will it happen again this year? the what's your prediction. >> i think the war on
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christmas is largely reseeding and basically what's happening. i think that ordinary americans, 95% which celebrate christmas, 51% say they do so with a strong religion, and-- >> yeah, they-- >> i think you've largely won and you can claim a factor victory. >> i'm not going to do that. i think we're a watch dog group against the forces of darkness. >> i totally disagree. >> do you? >> just this week, santa was thrown out of a cancer center in north carolina, a volume ter santa to give good cheer to keep therapy patients. >> mike: who threw him out. >> the center did, because they receive state funds and thought maybe a conflict. >> mike: where. >> charleston, south carolina. >> mike: and cancer center. >> the public won, in a newspaper response, 90% of the people said it was wrong to do and two days santa. >> santa was back.
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>> that's the thing. >> let me put forth, if we weren't here, wasn't anybody else fighting the ar war on christmas. >> santa would be gone forever. >> and most of them sticking up for christmas. >> and me. >> and you. >> and together. >> somewhat. >> and anyway, in massachusetts one of the big offenders and this was one of my favorite stories in great barrington, a liberal area in burke shires, in massachusetts put a cue few on holiday lights. >> and this year there'll no longer be a curfew on holiday lights. >> they're not christmas degree lights. >> it's going ton warmer in finland because they put up lights. >> this is why i don't think the war on christmas is over.
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my son came into the bedroom said and ♪ we wish awe happy holiday ♪ we wish you a happy holiday ♪ . >> mike: part of the reason is, your son is 32 years old. >> he'd never heard the song before that's how they learned it. >> how they were singing it. >> if i were you, i'd go to the school and it's a copy right infringement here. >> you may remember the state of washington in their capital rotunda put up an atheist thing up next to the christmas tree, right? how is that going down? >> now, we've been-- remains to be seen whether they'll allow nativity scenes and also-- >> so we don't know. >> we don't know what's happening. >> and they allow all things now. and remember, a couple of years ago, i came on the factor, ne were allowing a festivist pole, made up from seinfeld, festivest, signified by a steel pole allowing that
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to go up next to the baby jesus. >> we don't know yet what the governor of washington is going to have in her rotunda. >> what they're going to allow all displays. >> everything. >> i think you guys should go out there. >> in wisconsin, for example, wisconsin they have voted for several years that they finally voted to call it a christmas tree in the a holiday tree. >> no, governor walker did that. >> he may be recalled for doing that. >> and protest the capitol, and storm the capitol. >> in wisconsin the governor says the christmas tree. >> it's going to be called the christmas tree. >> know the festive tree. >> the first time since 1985, by the way. >> and retailers are starting to call it christmas again. >> a serious question, am an extortionist for telling merchants and companies, fw you refuse to tell merry christmas or your employees are not allowed to i'll put you on the air and hurt your business? >> am i extortionist.
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>> accord to go one, you're the decon in the per pep actual outrage. >> that's a threat, no doubt it's threat. >> no, it's not. your personal opinion. >> i was called the grech who saved the world from christmas. and so-- >> i'm not going to mention any retailers, wouldn't be fair because they changed management or something like that, if any retailer tells employees, merry christmas that's on the factor and 90% of americans respect the conditions and they don't want them to decline. >> last week. . >> drove my convertible naked. i stopped. >> i went 0 and date naked. >> naked. >> my mother was-- >> and one of seven people to died from skin cancer, i'm
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done with being naktd. >> this is from the peta play back. >> every time peta wants attention, a missing duck or whatever they're doing, be somebody, some model goes out and has no clothes on. so, i think we're almost used to this kind of stuff and you say? >> i say it's extremely effective here we are talking about it, but this one i actually think is a worthwhile cause. you know, 60 million or close to 2 million cases of skin cancer between 48 to 50 million americans. >> absolutely. my father died from mel nogno m skin cancer. the discussion comes when you're in your living room and watching whatever and your kids are there and pops up and then the parents go, oh, they make some-- >> and parents say, you know what this is an example of a metaphor. they're not naked, they want
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you to wear sun block. it's a metaphor for sun blocks. >> here is what i say, kids are seeing much more than this on after school program being. >> what program? >> all they have to do is turn on the television and see all kinds of steks and violence and this to me is innocuous and by the way it got my attention, i was wondering, what is that ad going to be about. >> you don't have a problem with tdon't think it's going to corrupt nation and it does good because people go in the sun and protect themselves.
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ooh >> welcome back to the special edition of the factor. my new book is a day by day look at what abraham lincoln went through during the last two weeks of his life.
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every american should know the true story of president lincoln. one of the strongest leaders that the country has ever known and only leadership will bring america back now. what about american leadership in the present day? is it on display anywhere? we asked juan williams and mary kathyrn about that. and is president obama a strong leader? >> well, before i answer that question, let me say i finished reading killing lincoln and you gave me a copy at the office the other day. >> you wouldn't buy it and-- >> yeah, buy. >> don't start with me, don't start with me, i would buy and not only that, i'm going to buy several copies from my kids and look, it's a compelling read. i'm not saying that because you're my friend, i'm just telling you in front of the books i've read by you, this is the one i couldn't put down and i love history, i know you're a fan of history and it's tremendous and when you said in the talking points, memo this business about the u.s. being at a point of crisis, you phase back to
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lincoln and think that's a moment that defines a leader, he had a vision, a union america, a unified nation, two, he had a vision in terms of how to achieve it and willingness to sacrifice, let me emphasize sacrifice to achieve itten he could wer suede because he was a great sneaker. and president obama, that leadership is not there, bill and that's what people are complaining about. i think when obama starts to fight for the people, when he says now what, i'm sick of wall street, sick of these banks and i know you don't trust the mediaen when he gets into the fighting mode he gets better, but right now people just don't see him being able to stop the g.o.p. from bull he dozing him and saying the system isn't working. >> i don't think it's-- i have to disagree with you, juan. and mary katherine, i don't see an as a party situation and i don't believe that president obama's vision as
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articulated by him is what's effected. i don't think he can get us out of the recession and i don't think he can raise enough jobs to get that unemployment down, but interestingly enough, and to be fair to mr. obama and every other president, when abraham lincoln was in office, most americans didn't think he could do it either. they hated him. >> that's right. they hated him. >> well, i think obama at times has thought of himself as lincolnesque, he is a good speakerer and i think there are flashes of inspiration, during the '08 campaign the tactful the fact he wanted to take the reins at a tough time. and for the vision articulated a, it disagrees where the vision would particular us, but, b, he's the guy who sold himself as the guy who once i take the hull of the government, the government's going to work well and smoothly and it's going to solve the problems and that's his vision, his philosophy how government can work in your life. it has not delivered. >> it has not delivered.
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>> and here is the deal. >> and that's the difference in the leadership and there's way to go about it and the person i want to cite, tt pew poll and cnn poll just released and they both have obama's leadership between he low 50%. pew at 49en, cnn 48. and he's lost credibility and that's down 9 points suns bin laden was killed. and this guy made a tough decision and could have gone south, but he did it and respect him. most americans want performance and the problem with president obama and lincoln had it before the first two, look, in the last two weeks, of lincoln's life he was winning and he was chasing lee and lincoln was there in virginia and he didn't stay in washington and he was right there on the gun boats watching grant chase lee, okay? so he knew he was going to win and lincoln was going to win. obama isn't always going to
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win. and the high school in dallas, texas, a teacher, 54-year-old linda muse, stood by on at least two occasions and allowed students to attack each other in his classroom. a to teachers in any classroom it's unacceptable, but not according to the teacher's union. >> in today's society, a violent society. to not touch the students. and that should be left up to the administration. >> i believe that that is for the safety of number one, the students, but for the individual teacher as well. >> are you kidding me? >> the kid could have died. you get kicked in the head and hit your head on the ground. stand by and don't touch the student and let them wham oech ear? it's amazing. and joining us mary katherine and juan williams. juan, what say you? >> i think it's an out raining, as part of the human
2:27 am
contract. if you see someone injured or acting in irresponsible way, as a tauadult as a human being. >> and getting allowing the classrooms be about the betterment of children, i don't see any question-- >> this teacher has done this before. you know, there's video of two incidents, mary katherine and then there's the teacher, the president, oh, you know, we tell it to you and we show our members, you know, look, you want out of control in the public schools, you got it. you got it. it's out of control. >> yeah, this is out of control and actually the surprising thing about the two clubs, you can tell it's sort of a structured event going on and he's sort of letting it ham. >> letting it happen. >> and here is what's going on. in the unions there is probably easier to get sued
2:28 am
for trial lawyers and touching a students and get in a fight and-- >> this may be different when i was teaching at pace high school in opa-locka, florida, i had to break up a fight and if the kid swung at me, i knew tralize the king, i knew-- neutralize this. and the fact that the teachers unions, in addition to this
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>>. >> mike: big changes going to the u.s. post office. saturday delivery could go and other cutbacks are coming. recently i talked with patrick donahue the post master general. air about 9 billion in the red this year and lost 20 billion in the last four years and i guess it's e-mail doing it to you. >> it's two things, bill, you're right. we've got a lot to e-mail and people pay bills online and
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other thing we're required to pre fund employee health benefits, 5.5 billion a year. >> you're paying 3 billion dollars a year in retirement health pensions, not health, but pensions and 8 billion in health benefits for a whopping total of 11 billion dollars, you're paying former postal employees. the question tonight, what is a post office dilemma tell us about big government? joining us from washington, fox news analyst charles krauthammer. it always comes back to this, in the public sector, they run out of money and the taxpayers can't keep up and the pensions and health benefits bankrupting states and we saw it in wisconsin and ohio and now the post office. i think the post office as we know it is going to vanish in the next five year. >> it should vanish because the other mean the post master general spoke about, which is they're obsolete. we've got e-mail, we don't need them. they're not talking about cutting out overnight first class mail.
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if they can't deliver first class mail, who needs them. we had the pony express and wonderful stories and we had the railroad take its place. the e-mail now is the new railroad. and it's absurd. what we ought to do is privatize the delivery of mail. one objection to it and that is you've got the little outposts and a post office in a rural area in idaho that wouldn't normally be economical. all right, let the federal government adopt those orphan post office ands you want to have the country knit together with mail, that's fine, but have it subsidize private industry. you hand this over to fed ex, to ups, i assure you, they will be able to run an efficient mail service and they would oort make a profit or break even. >> who picks up the pension and health costs of the retirees though? >> that's something you've got to decide. >> we're on the-- i think the u.s. government is
2:34 am
going to be on the hook for it, and they don't want to pay all of this. >> there's no question that nobody will pick it up. there's no question to come extent you make promises you've got to keep them. >> got to keep them. >> it's a lot of money, but if you stop the ridiculousness of not having a postal service, essentially you know and i know, delivers junk mail, all it does. if you end that today, then over time thering be attrition and the cost of retirement will decrease over time. >> okay. >> but, yes, the government has to accept responsibility. >> the trend-- >> the government has to keep increasing the deficit and every year. >> the trend in america with the election of barack obama was to expand the government, to have the government come into other industries, like health care, to run health care. all right? and to run the banking economy and this industry and i submit to you, that the government should have recognized that the e-mail and computers were
2:35 am
going to cut into the post office profitability, all right? but they can't, all right? they just let the problem fester, why is the united states of america, why do so many americans want the big government to run things when they can't run them. they just can't do it? >> i agree with you entirely. and although i must say there were a lot of americans who were fooled by obama when he ran for office in 2008. and he was a rorschach test and everybody was able to pour into him any dreams and-- >> he was pretty clear with me and other interviewers he was a big government guy and has to take over everything and run the show. >> i wasn't taken in, you weren't taken in. a lot of americans who were and that's why, a lot of americans who supported him in 2008 are not going to support him in 2012. but there's one other thing. it isn't just that we've learned our lesson on the
2:36 am
expansion of big government from our own experience with the post office and other areas, the meltdown of that whole idea of the government in charge of the economy, of energy, of health care, is mapping in europe in front of our eyes. europe is where obama wants america to go. and europe is what he thinks is the ideal society of the entitlement state. now, you can have a theatrical argument whether it works and obama could argue, yes, it works, the problem is we have the empirical reality in front of our eyes and we have the advantage of being about half a decade behind where europe is and enough time to save ourselves. and the irony is that obama and the democrats want to continue-- >> yeah, they don't want to, they don't want to-- that's why i say the 2012 election is the most important in our lifetime, defines which way our country is going to go. when we come right back. 15 years of the factor all
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>> continuing now with the special christmas night he digs of the factor. this year the fox news channel celebrates 15 years on the air. we had quite a ride. we're number one prime time in this program in america and have been for 12 years running and why? maybe this answers that question. >> i think you're a fascinating, stimulating woman, but i just don't know why you say the stuff you said. you must know you'll get in trouble. this is america. >> we've seen a stetd i erosion and commitment to disapprove of drug use, that's one problem and the second problem, actually one, because we'll get too far ahead. >> i disagree with you, i disagree. >> you're so wholesome and
2:40 am
clean cut. >> yeah. >> and you have great teeth. i have he' got all of my teeth knocked out playing hockey and my father had a heart attack. do you know why your friend biggie was killed? >> i never want to speculate why he was killed. >> how old were you when you got so big. >> i was always bigger than the other children. >> you don't want to kill anybody, do you? >> i want to treat you the way you've killed our men, women and children and babies. >> i know i'm a killer, but i'm not going to kill anybody. >> new yorkers get your humor. >> in nebraska. >> i don't know. >>en show up on the track,000, who is watching the manure pit when you're out on the town. >> how come you didn't turn know hollywood phony. >> and i am he' much marching around. what am i doing here. >> never took it seriously. >> never did. >> most children don't understand why you're he acting bizarre and troubling to children who don't have direction. >> i think it's my job as an
2:41 am
artist to be out there pushing people's buttons. >> there is a kind of self-censorship to sensor thing. >> really? i never do. >> i don't think i do. >> i never do. >> look, my mother lives in the house i grew up in. you're invited to come there, you're not invited to dinner because i would never eat with you. >> if i was the cia i'd follow you wherever you went. >> and we're not a threat to national security and the government said we're not. >> okay, all right. and shadow you, go to denny's with you and everywhere you went. >> you're the one who wants to cut down-- you're going to behave yourself. why aren't you saying that. >> illegal drugs don't equal unprotected sex. >> and every-- >> can i speak? >> hiv is out of the morning-- >> can you shut up for-- >> a funny accent. >> i'm in america, are you telling me that foreign people don't have the same rights? >> look told you might have snuck across the border, i
2:42 am
might have made a citizen's arrest. >> no. >> so you're finally in the no spin zone. >> i'm dizzy. >> dizzy? >> with excitement. >> took me a long time to get you in. >> and it remove the taliban, would you, would you. >> that's my next question. >> would you sacrifice yourself to remove the taliban. >> sacrifice my life to track down the person for 3000 people-- >> and you better get him on your factor, because i don't want to put words. >> tell you this if osama bin laden were in power today we'd be a heck of a lot worse off. >> i don't see you as a hollywood guy, i can't he see you calling anybody babe. >> not babe-- >> and enlisted in the army, you don't no what the hell you're talking about. >> very good, congratulations. >> he's a patriot so don't denigrate his service or boot you off the set. >> who is your primary audience?
2:43 am
strippers, hookers and crack whores and i love them all. >> are you okay with that cartoon, sir? >> of course not that's not the issue. >> of course that's the issue. >> no, that's what at the do on the site, do that hate stuff all the time. >> you suggested-- >> there's a message of faith, hope and acceptance and that-- >> you're going to make he me cry. >> i'll be here for you. >> is the president, two presidents of the united states sitting form cia guy works for both presidents, tony blair all tell me and you he's got him, we can't say no, he doesn't. >> we haven't seen you for 17 years. >> right. what have you been doing? >> none of your business. >> now, this was your fault. oh, no, people-- billions of dollars, it wasn't your fault, come on, you coward. >> were you surprised that fox news has been fairer to you than nbc news and a lot of the other liberal news networks? were you surprised? >> i wouldn't expect anything less than a fair and balanced coverage of my campaign. >> i knew you'd be a little-- you don't don't know why
2:44 am
you're the lightning rod, you don't know why? >> only because i'm representing a normal american. >> were don't they like normal americans? >> i think perhaps there's he a little bit of threat there. >> the network news and new york times and all the people you hang with, they were very easily. >> and don't (bleep) me, okay? >> i never do that. >> and let's call it what it is. >> no, that's your opinion. >> do you, and you-- >> your opinion of water boarding-- you think that water boarding is lovely. >> harsh interrogation. >> and when this was done to protect your life. will it be damaging? yes or he no? >> i would like to answer your question yes or no. >> and you're dancing and dodging. let me say you're supposed to be a straightup guy. >> does it disturb you, so many people hate you? it's a serious question. >> the truth is the folks that hate you don't know you. >> that's true. >> what they hate is whatever fun house mirror image of you that's out there. >> hey, you're a good guy, bill, i want to tell you, tell you to your face. >> i appreciate that.
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>> you are lou grant, to me i like working for you in the news room. >> you're fired. >> thank you. >> unlike a shot at levitttown in the ass like b-12, boom. >> i think i'm going to commit suicide. coming up, an unforgettable waters world on deck and jessie goes to the new york jets tailgate par
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>> nor the presidential nomination, those of you watching right now most likely know all of them a what they believe. many americans are not engaged to the political process and watching dancing, singing and you know what they do. so, exactly what do they know? we sent jessie watters to the
2:49 am
jets game tale gate last sunday to find out. >> yes! >> j-e-t-s, jets, jets, jets! >> who is this? >> that's herman cain. >> what do you think about that guy. >> i'm on cain train, still on board. >> train! >> and that's herman cain. >> herman cain, okay. >> ever heard of him. >> no. >> i know he's the 9-9-9 guy. >> 9-9-9. >> all right. great idea. >> do you like that plan. i love the plan. >> 8-8-8. >> what the hell was na. >> he's running for president. >> he looks a little evil. >> evil? >> he's he got that like, malicious sort of smile. >> right. >> and trying to prove how dumb we are? who is this guy? >> and give me-- >> that's true. >> and that newt? >> i'm afraid of newt. >> and who he used to be before he ran for president. >> speaker of the house. >> that's what i said.
2:50 am
>> would you vote for him. >> no, i wouldn't. >> why not? >> i'm a republican, he's a republican. >> oh. >> what an idiot. >> woo! >> and who is this guy here. >> rick perry. >> governor of texas. >> i like texas. >> deep in the heart of texas. >> and who is that? >> comen, this is ridiculous. >> and that's rick perry. >> he's attractive? >> no, that's the perry dude. >> i think he forgot what number three was. >> and hilarious. >> who is this? >> that's kardashian. >> she's a beautiful woman. >> put on a great scam for that wedding and all the dresses and that rings and the bling and the-- >> what about this guy. >> mitt romney. >> what do you think about him. >> he's a mormon. >> he be bad, angry about this. >> a nice head of hair. >> and handsome. >> no. >> romney. >> and just something, in his eyes, something wrong with him. >> and he looks at me i'm afraid. >> and vote for freedom. >> what will you do without
2:51 am
freedom? >> and what about her? >> michele bachmann. >> sarah palin. >> michele bachmann, can't take good tore her making it that far, but no chance. >> she had a lot of children, foster children. >> god bless them. i've only got two and can't handle it. >> and about get smacked in the mouth. >> i'm not a tea party person. >> you know what the tea party is. >> and stand for things i don't know. >> and oh, bill o'reilly. >> ooh! >> and not him. >> you love o'reilly? >> and he's irish. >> if i didn't love him he'd come after me. >> ambush you. >> yeah. >> and you make it sound really enticing. >> is that brian williams? >> no. >> what did you just say? >> bill o'reilly, he's a lot of fun though. >> and that's my man. >> watters. >> and you're not megyn kelly,
2:52 am
but love you. >> and oh! >> and you went top tier and didn't go down to john huntsman or ron paul. >> i did actually go to huntsman and no one got it it right. they keep saying is that the weather guy. >> the weather man? >> how about paul? >> a few guys got ron paul and everyone thought he was purdue chicken guy. >> we actually took, not we, the pew research center took an interesting poll of all americans, and they asked them to write down how many republican people they knew, all right? 28% got perry, that's all. >> yeah. >> that's all. that means that 68% don't know that perry is running for president. 27 romney 9 cain, only 9% knew cain was running. >> this was before the cain-- >> but even though. >> i know, bill and been in 73 debates. >> and only half can name one.
2:53 am
>> 50% can name one person against barack obama. >> people have to pay attention, watters, that's your job to go to every house in america and demand he they pay attention. >> that's right. >> you're starting tomorrow. >> okay. >> be nice to him when he shows up, give him water. ahead, nfl
2:54 am
2:55 am
i recently spoke to him about his book, through my eyes, i played football at a much lower level than you and in pro football they have christian athletes like you, secular society and guys doing strip clubs every night and this kind of business. does that impact in the locker room your life style as opposed to theirs. >> have an influence when you have a group of guys come together to have a successful team and be together all the time. every day, for you know, a year and longer together, you have to have, kind a common ground and that ground for us is football and when they realize that i go out there and work as hard as i can every day they have a respect for me for how i play and then that respect grows to like and love and then they'll play for you, you walk the walk and say something and it's going to mean so much more and i think that's how i try to approach it on the field every day.
2:56 am
>> do you ever get offended by their behavior, i mean, the ones mo did not believe the way you believe? >> very rarely because we all, now, have things that we're trying to work on. >> bill: you don't judge? >> no, i'm not perfect and never going to be and that's the great thing about living a christian life and trying to live by faith, trying to get better every day and improve. >> bill: and there are some evangelicals who witness and-- >> absolutely, and that's great, but, the greatest way to witness is by walking that straight and narrow and also realize that go air he going to mess up and that's what grace is for. we're going to fall, but we've got to get back up and we've got to improve aen that's where i'm all about, not trying to act like i do everything right, i'm going to screw up and mess up, but i'm going to get back, you know, and get after it and try to do better the next day. >> do you pray for victory. >> and honestly how he we play on the field more than anything, whether we win or lose and our hearts on the field. on the field i am he' trying to play off with an offer and
2:57 am
trying to give everything i have being, and win and compete and so, i think more than just winning or losing, i think he cares about where our hearts are when we're playing. >> bill: so you don't say before the game with the dallas cowboys, hey, god let me win by at least ten points here to cover the spread? (laughter) >> i use today pray and say, please don't let me break anything, you know, i want to keep my head and my arm intact. i would pray for the safety of not only me, but the team and let the chips fall where may. >> as i say in the book, more than anything i pray through this game i'll be able to honor him and inspire. >> just by how i play. >> bill: and controversy that put you on the map as far as spirituality was concerned was the abortion commercial, do you get jazzed by that and people remember that and they-- >> they definitely remember it so i get asked about it quite a bit. >> i call him my miracle baby,
2:58 am
almost didn't make it into this world and i can remember so many times when i almost lost him. it was so hard. >> it was honestly, it wasn't judging anyone. >> it was putting your-- >> celebrating an honest decision and honestly, this is telling a story, a special story and you know, i think we're very blessed to have the opportunity to tell that story. >> you don't see seem like had a guy that cares about money and fame. >> any time of the day that can pop up and this could be a great deal. let me think beyond that, what's the underlying factor and how can i influence, more than anything, doing as many endorsements or anything lying that my number one focus on the tim tebow foundation hope faith and love to those in the darkest hour of need. >> do you get, hey, boy scout. >> absolutely, you've got to have fun with it though. >> tim, we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me on. god bless you.
2:59 am
>> thank you for watching the christmas night edition of the factor, i'm bill o'reilly and please always remember that the spin stops right here, >> good monday morning to you. it's december 26th. hope your christmas was great. presidential candidates wasting no time heading to iowa. christmas is definitely over now as they're battling for voter support with just seven days until the first ballots of 2012 are cast. we're breaking down what they're doing, where they're doing it and when they're doing it. >> meanwhile, newt gingrich sounding off on the virginia ballot, the one he's not on. he says being disqualified from the ballot is like the attack on pearl harbor. >> yeah. >> and president obama didn't get a foot in the mouth, he got a fist. watch this. apparently, this little guy wasn't going to let the pres


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